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What do Freddie Jackson, Chaka Khan, SWV, Daryl Hall, Smokey Robinson, Najee, and Alex Bugnon have in common?

Besides each being great artists in their own right, they have also had the privilege to work with Janice Dempsey.



















NYC native, Janice Dempsey aka JD, has produced, written for, recorded with, or toured with as a featured and background vocalist, these and many others throughout her storied and eclectic career. As a solo artist, Janice has written and recorded three projects for Geffen, Epic and JDP Media. JD's songwriting has garnered her a dozen gold and platinum awards for artists like Chaka, SWV, and Freddie Jackson. Her style effortlessly covers Gospel, R&B, Pop and Jazz. Her voice is captivating and soulful. A true modern day "stylist" in a sea of copycat vocalists. You believe the songs she sings, whether the subject is love or war. As a songwriter, JD has amassed over 100 unreleased songs that she hopes exemplifies what and where she is today, as an artist and a woman. "As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to create music that resonates with and reflects the current times. As a woman, I hope to inspire more women to find their voice."  We have so few leaders that we can believe in. Music can lead the way. Music can calm, comfort, heal, rejuvenate, invigorate, and inspire you to take action. I want the songs that I create to do all of this and not just entertain."

JD's latest single release, "Let's Dance" is a sexy/euro/soulful/ invitation to dance!! Available everywhere!!!

"We should fight less and dance more" JD



















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What If - Andre Ward Featuring Janice Dempsey
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